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Ghosts of the past

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Lyanna died in a room that smelled of blood and roses. A fever had taken her strength. Her voice had been faint as a whisper. There was fear in her eyes, while she called for Ned to promise her something. When her brother gave his word, the fear went out of her eyes. She smiled, and her fingers clutched his own in a tight grip. They were still holding each other as she gave up her hold on life. Rose petals slipped from her palm, dead and black.

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"We have duties now, my liege…to the realm, to our children, I to my lady wife and you to your queen. We are not the boys we were."

"You were never the boy you were," Robert grumbled.

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Racebent Game of Thrones:  Idris Elba as Ned Stark

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There’s great honor serving in the Night’s Watch. The Starks have manned the Wall for thousands of years. And you are a Stark. 

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make me choose | anonymous asked me
Catelyn/Ned or Jaime/Cersei