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Daenerys Targaryen challenge 

day 5/favorite quote(s)

"I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of old Valyria and I will take what is mine with fire and blood. “

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Daenerys Targaryen challenge 

day 7/mother of dragons

"Mother of dragons. Mother of monsters. What have I unleashed upon the world? A queen I am, but my throne is made of burned bones, and it rests on quicksand (…) I am the blood of the dragon. If they are monsters, so am I. "

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make me choose: asked: daenerys targaryen or arya stark

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"I am weary of war. I want to rest, to laugh, to plant trees and see them grow. I am only a young girl." "No, you are the blood of the dragon. dragons plant no trees."

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Daenerys Targaryen challenge 

day 4/favorite location

"Before you came MEEREEN was dying. Our rulers were old men with withered cocks and crones whose puckered cunts were dry as dust. They sat atop their pyramids sipping apricot wine and talking of the glories of the Old Empire whilst the centuries slipped by and the very bricks of the city crumbled all around them. Custom and caution had an iron grip upon us till you awakened us with fire and blood. A new time has come, and new things are possible. “

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Daenerys Targaryen challenge 
day 3/breaker of chains
"You will release every slave in Yunkai. Every man, woman, and child shall be given as much food, clothing, and property as they can carry as payment for their years of servitude. Reject this gift and I shall show you no mercy. "

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Daenerys Fan Challenge: [Day 4] Favorite Location → The Dothraki Sea
∟ Beneath them, the plain stretched out immense and empty, a vast flat expanse that reached to the distant horizon and beyond. It was a sea, Dany thought. Past here, there were no hills, no mountains, no trees nor cities nor roads, only the endless grasses, the tall blades rippling like waves when the winds blew. “It’s so green,” she said.

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The Daenerys Fan Challenge » Day 4: Favourite Location

Astapor is the southernmost of the three great city-states of Slaver’s Bay and a noted stopping point for ships bound from Qarth to the Free Cities and Westeros. Astapor is home of the infamousUnsulliedeunuch slave-soldiers. Astapor’s sigil, like that of the other cities of Slaver’s Bay, is that of the harpy, the ancient symbol of the Ghiscari Empire, of which Astapor was once part.