October 09 2014, 08:35 PM

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I’ve never really been to a convention before so I figured like, if you’re going to do a convention, you do San Diego Comic Con, and then you see all these fans and it blows your mind how much the show has impacted people. - Sophie Turner

October 09 2014, 08:00 PM

I  s u r v i v e d , but it’s not a happy ending.

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When he closed his eyes, he dreamed of direwolves.

When he closed his eyes, he dreamed of direwolves.

October 09 2014, 12:00 PM


→ L A D Y   J O A N N A

October 09 2014, 08:00 AM

Tully’s get their strength from the water

October 09 2014, 04:00 AM

Natalie Dormer and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau @ MTVu Fandom Awards, Comic-Con International (July 24, 2014)

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Bran Stark + Welsh Mythology, Brân the Blessed
↳inspired by this post
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Rose Leslie and Sibel Kekilli at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)