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There sits the only king I mean to bow my knee to, m’lords, The King in the North!

March 25 2014, 09:45 PM

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"I know where we could go", Arya said. She still had one brother left. Jon will want me, even if noone else does. He’ll call me “little sister” and muss my hair. It was a long way, though, and she didn’t think she could get there by herself. She hadn’t even been able to reach Riverrun. “We could go to the wall.” 

Sandor’s laugh was a growl. “The little wolf bitch wants to join the Night’s watch, does she?

"My brother is on the wall," she said stubbornly. 

March 25 2014, 07:30 PM

Some far away Some search for gold Some dragon to slay Heaven we hope is just up the road Show me the way, lord because I am about to explode

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fancasting memeeleven existing characters’ younger versions [1/2] - Catelyn, Ned, Cersei, Robert, Stannis and Jaime during Robert’s Rebellion

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fancasting meme - ten existing character’s older versions {1/10}: Arya Stark, no one

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[Braavos] At the top she found a set of carved wooden doors twelve feet high. The left-hand door was made of weirwood pale as bone, the right of gleaming ebony. In their center was a carved moon face; ebony on the weirwood side, weirwood on the ebony. The look of it reminded her somehow of the heart tree in the godswood at Winterfell.

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dragons may cry, but the Sun wept no tears.

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Sansa Stark meme: Two episodes [1/2]

↳ “Blackwater” (s02e09)